Innovation On Demand: Onivation

The successful introduction of Salesforce at the largest German fund company in 2007 was the beginning of Onivation: Founder and Managing Director Roman Hoffmann already recognized the immense advantages of Cloud Computing in the financial environment at that time. Back then, the company relied on its own proprietary solutions and was highly resentful of external data hosting. Today, more than a decade later, however, the advantages of cloud-based solutions outweigh other solutions so massively that no one can escape this change.

Since its inception, Onivation has accompanied many well-known as well as small customers to the step into digitalization. Since our founding, we have relied on Salesforce, the world’s CRM market leader and crowned the world’s most innovative company by Forbes magazine. We are one of the longest standing Salesforce partners in Germany and a strategic partner of Salesforce Financial Services Germany.

Founder and visionary: Roman Hoffmann

“When I founded Onivation in 2007 with my then business partner Thorsten Druckenmüller in order to offer services in the cloud computing environment in the future, we were laughed at by many colleagues as well as by close friends. We were not misled. We believed in the rise of this technology because in a very large, global project, we learned about the immense benefits of this modern technology and were convinced that it would prevail. Today – more than a decade later – reality proves us right.”

Until 2007, Roman Hoffmann was a director at DWS, Deutsche Bank’s investment company. There he was globally responsible for the introduction of platforms in the sales and marketing environment, most recently for the worldwide introduction of a global CRM system that is still in use today: Salesforce.