Version 2.4

CAMP is continuously developed and receives regular updates. The new version 2.4 adds numerous new functions to CAMP.

Release date: November 06, 2020

Overview: New features of CAMP

Event management

Investor portal

Mass opportunities from campaigns

Ticket system

Reference strategies for client portfolios

Protection threshold monitoring

Event Management

CAMP’s simple event management was developed into a professional event management system. It now offers extended functions, such as the announcement of accompanying persons, overnight stay modalities as well as subsequent administration functions for the user. The user can register and gets access to his events.

Investor Portal

Institutional investors can get an overview of their investments. They can access their subscribed shares and funds, see the details of distributions, receive new offers and, if necessary, confidential information. This gives institutional investors direct access to the provider.

Mass opportunities from campaigns

Using the new “Create bulk opportunity” button, opportunities are created for all campaign members with linked accounts.

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