What does digital transformation mean in asset management?

In asset management, the following participants always belong to the entire value chain: the asset manager, the sales department and the investor. Accordingly, the aim in asset management must be to have an overview of the interactions between all these participants. If the customer is only defined as the investor, the investment company often loses one of the most important factors: the view on the, usually external, sales department. It therefore needs an overview of which sales arm and which individual sales partner is doing which business.

All market participants on a single digital platform

The goal must be to digitize the relationship between all three market players. The use of a cloud-based platform solution is essential in this context: In contrast to isolated applications, it provides an overview of all processes and offers all the advantages of the cloud, such as independence of location and terminal devices and “round-the-clock” availability.

Industry know-how of the technology partner is decisive for success

In addition to technical expertise, one factor is decisive in the selection of a strategic partner: process know-how in asset management. After all, the potential of the platform can only be fully exploited if existing processes are consistently optimized. In doing so, financial industry requirements, such as MiFID, WpHG, KYC, must be taken into account as well as current market requirements, such as online access for customers and partners or multi-channel.

Adapted project methodology for an optimal implementation

Onivation has developed a Scrum-based project methodology, which is adapted to the specifics of a platform implementation. We work out the individual topics in sprints lasting 2-4 weeks and can then provide already completed topic blocks. For example, one typically starts with companies (customers & partners) and their contacts. Then the activities to be recorded (e-mails, telephone calls, protocols) are dealt with and implemented, then the funds & assets etc. Once each block has been completed, the functionality is available and can be used – usually initially for testing, training and acceptance – until the solution goes live with the same functionality and productive data.

Agile project method

We work in agile projects and regularly pick up everyone involved in the project. In this way, development "past the goal" is avoided.

Industry know-how

Our founder and managing director has a history of more than 20 years in the financial sector. As a long-standing director at DWS and DeAM, he brought all his expertise to the team and projects of Onivation and is still an active consultant today.

Technical Expertise

We are one of the longest standing Salesforce implementation partners in Germany and specialize in the financial industry.

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