Digitization hits banks with full force

Neo-banks and tech giants are pushing further and further into the banking business, increasing the pressure on traditional financial institutions. Banks that do not initiate a comprehensive digitization process in time are in danger of suffering a similar fate to that of former industry world leaders. Companies that did not react to digital technologies in time lost out to their disruptive competitors.

Digital platform models shape the future

The new competitors rely on digital platform models and offer their customers a seamless and contemporary experience. To keep up with the competition, banks need to start using platforms that offer a consistent omni-channel approach and allow customers to access all functions where they are on the move: on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Digitalization means: With the right partner on the right platform

Onivation has been accompanying banks on the Salesforce platform for over 13 years. Based on our experience we have developed a proven methodology. Instead of a radical shift to new technologies, we design the introduction of the digital platform step by step. For this we start with a small project, finish it and start with the next bigger one.

The advantages of this methodology speak for themselves:

  • Low risk digital transformation in time & budget
  • Users have enough time to get used to the new technology
  • Transformation begins at the front-end and continues to push towards the back-end processes

Agile project method

We work in agile projects and regularly pick up everyone involved in the project. This avoids a development "past the goal".

Industry know-how

We possess profound process know-how from the banking environment.

Technical Expertise

We are one of the longest standing Salesforce implementation partners in Germany and specialize in the financial industry.

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