Hurdles in the digital transformation

The constantly growing online offerings of insurance companies clearly shows, that the industry has recognized the necessity of a digital transformation. Nevertheless, the consistent digitization of all processes represents a major challenge. Two of the main problems are:

Historically grown IT infrastructure

The insurance industry has always discovered new technologies early on. However, the IT landscape with mainframes and client-server systems that emerged from the first phase of automation today poses major challenges for insurance companies.

Protracted technology projects

Changes to the already existing, complex IT infrastructure often take years in the insurance environment and are often already outdated when they go live.

Technology partner decides on the success of digitization

In order to successfully implement digitization under these conditions, Onivation has developed a unique methodology in cooperation with Insurance X, which we apply with our agile project method that has been successfully adapted for many years.

For this purpose we identify business use cases, which are created within a few weeks on the cloud platform Salesforce in the form of a productive application. This initial implementation serves to test the underlying platform extensively. In contrast to many conventional developments, however, this is not a “disposable prototype”, but a basis on which all further requirements can be mapped.

Agile project method

We work in agile projects and regularly pick up everyone involved in the project. This avoids a development "past the goal".

Industry know-how

Together with our partner Insurance X, we have profound process know-how in the insurance industry.

Technical Expertise

We are one of the longest standing Salesforce implementation partners in Germany and specialize in the financial industry.

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